Cajun refers to a people and culture of French heritage, living mostly in Southeast Louisiana and Eastern Texas. History reveals their arrival from Eastern Canada (Acadie) to the Louisiana region as a result of “the great upheaval” when they were herded onto ships by the British, who dominated the maritime provinces of Eastern Canada. The French people refused to swear allegiance to the British and many were deported by ship to the French region of Louisiana, in Southeastern United States, beginning in 1765. Cajun culture–music, dance, and cuisine, eventually was recognized as a significant element of American culture.


A very old traditional Cajun dance introduced here on Cajun button-accordion. Lessons include rhythm and singing in French.

J’ai Etais Au Bal

A traditional Cajun song for dancing whose French lyrics express the universal sentiment for people of any ethnicity–the desire to participate in your own cultural heritage.

Mama & Papa Waltz

Learn a new rhythm, counting in ¾ time and sing in Creole French. ¾ time is also known as waltz time.