GRID EDUCATION was created to provide educational institutions rich, engaging, and wholesome content for their students. gridED works with expert instructors to produce content that is fresh and filled with value to enhance remote learning. This helps bridge the problem of keeping students active with their educational pursuits and requirements when it comes to remote learning.

Each course is comprised of (mostly) video training easily accessible from any computer or device. Workbooks are included as well. To help ensure that students complete the courses without losing interest, workbooks are kept brief and to the point.

Most courses are intrinsically designed to introduce students to life-choice opportunities for their consideration as part of their higher learning options. Plus, courses are produced so that your school teachers can easily administer the course without overtaxing effort.
There are brief exams after every lesson within a course. gridED takes the online learning experience to a new level, never before offered. Students are assigned “Video-Based” homework assignments to demonstrate what they have learned. Their video presentations are a creative way for them to showcase how the course has helped them grow scholastically. Each student uploads their videos to the grid where their classroom teachers and the institution can access them and, if desired, use them for their internal grading system.

Some student videos are stellar. The relationship between gridED and the institution leads to identifying these “best” videos. After obtaining student and parent permission, they are produced into professional video grid ensembles and shared within gridED’s various channels.

Students love the recognition. The showcases also encourage your student’s peers to consider stepping forward to produce video presentations to share with others. As important as learning new subjects can be, gridED is helping boost student’s self-esteem while showing them how to take a leadership role in their own lives. This is the essence of GRID EDUCATION, the Amazing Learning System.